The Court Revelers

  • Toss the Pot
  • A Little Bit of Mischief
  • La Ziguezon
  • Barrett's Privateers
  • Cantate Domino
  • My Lagan Love
  • Sigh No More, Ladies
  • He That Hath a Pleasant Face
  • Farewell, My Lass
  • I Burn In Passion's Fire
  • The River Driver
  • Teresica Hermana
  • Bean Phaiden
  • Viva Tutti
  • The Wine Cup
  • Snowfall
  • Die Vogelhochzeit
  • Sae Will We Yet
  • Hin Barra

Revels Without a Cause

We don't need a reason to revel! Come join the Court Revelers as they carouse through a selection of classic favorites and new additions! Featuring songs in eight languages, from the sacred to the profane! Includes King Henry's FAVORITE SONG!

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Revels Without a Cause
  • Bring Us In Good Ale
  • El Grillo
  • A-Rovina (The Maid of Amsterdam)
  • Skye Boat Song
  • Dindirindin
  • Come Faro Cuor Mio
  • Whiskey in the Jar
  • Pastime with Good Company
  • The Ups and Downs
  • Mary Mac
  • Brother John
  • The Spanish Lady
  • The Three Healths
  • Non Nobis Domine

Life In Fortissimo!

Fortissimo is an Italian word meaning VERY LOUD, and as such is a fitting title for The Court Revelers' 2017 album, "Life In Fortissimo!" Enjoy some of our newer pieces as well as a few classics!

Life In Fortissimo
  • Over Hill, Over Dale
  • Unlatch the Bolt
  • We Be Ladies Three
  • Hexamshire Lass
  • Vinum Schenk Ein (Wine is for ME!)
  • La Tricotea
  • Gaudete!
  • Bonnie Portmore
  • Oh, Eyes of My Beloved
  • All At Once, Well Met, Fair Ladies
  • 10,000 Miles Away
  • A Toast To Men
  • Down Among the Dead Men
  • Dulaman
  • Mingulay
  • Whiskey, Oh!
  • All Among the Barley
  • She Moved Through the Fair
  • The Gossip Song
  • Parting Glass
  • A Health to the Company

Revelers On The Rocks

Our This is a collection of old and new, sweet and salty, a jigger of this and that. How ever you want to call it. It contains selections we have done for years along with new standards, and a few surprises along the way. A very well-rounded selection.

Revelers On The Rocks cover art

The Limerick Lounge

The Limerick Lounge is The Court Revelers' sophomore album. It combines the craziness of the feast set with some of the newer favorites from the other sets. Tons of bawdy limericks between the songs!

Limerick Lounge

Seraph Quire Singeth

For years our fans asked "When are you going to put out a holiday album?" Here it is! Featuring classic favorites and a few you may have never heard of, it's a sure hit for anyone who enjoys the holiday season.

Extremely limited quantities remain! Find us at the Minnesota Rennaisance Festival!

Seraph Quire Singeth