The Court Revelers

Mission Statement

The mission of the Court Revelers is to entertain, excite, and enrich our audience by presenting high quality, live a capella performances of Renaissance and Baroque period music; to create unique musical performance experiences of tha music through new arrangements, new translations, and new settings; to enhance the anachronistic experience of the audience by appropriate language, costuming and manners; to welcome a diverse audience of all ages; and to adhere to published performance dates, times, and venues.

To this end, the Court Revelers are committed to:
* Appearing at all of our published performances;
* Outstanding performance and adaptation of predominately period music;
* Creating an engaging and inviting atmosphere for our audience;
* Balancing our commitment to core audience members with our commitment to welcoming new audience members;
* Broadening our audience;
* Using appropriate language, costuming, and character development to enhance our performances.

History of The Court Revelers

The Court Revelers was established by three alumni of The Revelers (a performing ensemble at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival) in 2003. Musical Director Nan Miller began the new Court Revelers after the former group was disbanded by its director to continue the legacy of performance excellence and musical fun. Of the original group, twelve of the former Revelers chose to join in the newly created The Court Revelers in 2003. Since that time changes in personnel have occurred resulting in the group achieving the long desired balance of 4 on a part.

In 2004 The Court Revelers realized a long held dream to record a CD of some of their favorite songs. Stealing a line from The Court Reveler's usual introduction in The Feast of Fantasy at MRF by the Feast Masters Jim Cunningham and Lazlo Nemesi, the CD was entitled "A Few of My Close, Personal Friends". The title is reflective of the group's camaraderie as well as the recognition of our many loyal fans who urged us to record. Recorded in one evening during the festival run, the CD was a successful first venture for the group.

In 2006 the group recorded its second CD, "The Limerick Lounge", which includes more favorite tunes, and some of the best (well…cleanest) limericks that TCR uses in its "Feast of Fantasy" appearances.

2013 brought us a new album and a few new cast members. The "Revelers on the Rocks" CD was recorded in the spring at the Natural Sounds Studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This cd is a tribute to the pub goers who frequent our final show of the day in the Queen's Pub at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. It features beautiful madrigals, sweet and soft Renaissance literature, and rowdy pub songs and sea shanties. With dialogue woven throughout to make the listener feel as if they are enjoying the performance from a bar-side table, this CD is a glowing triumph in creating an atmosphere of musical enjoyment and ease.

The past few years have yielded exciting events with the TPT Television Station, caroling for their Downton Abbey festival and community performances at Wolfe Park in Saint Louis Park. We are excited for more events coming up, so stay tuned!

The Music

The Court Revelers blend madrigals written in the Renaissance period with traditional pub sing-along songs, and a few contemporary songs disguised as Renaissance songs thrown into the mix. We attempt to achieve a balance between the beautifully lively and the simply lovely.

Some of our favorite composers are Orlando di Lasso, John Dowling, and Hans Leo Hassler. Some of our members are talented composers, lyricists, and arrangers who have also contributed to our repertoire. We sing original songs by Nan Miller and Jill Kohn. Nan has also arranged many pieces and Karen Huse has provided lyrics and translations for many pieces, and most group members regularly contribute original verses to bring new life to classic Court Reveler songs.

Performances At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The Court Revelers continue a tradition of heralding the Minnesota Renaissance Festival's Feast of Fantasy with song, and joining the diners later for a few songs and some chat. They have six regularly scheduled performances outside of the Feast. Mornings one finds them serenading the Royal family inside the front gate, later that morning at Uncorked Pub. Mid afternoon, and late afternoon, they are Queen's Pub for their pub set of madrigals, pub songs and sea chanties, and finally, just as the festival is closing they can be found inside the Gate, singing their blessings on Festival Guests as they depart.

Otherwise the group can be found providing music at Festival Events: leading music at the Opening of the Gate Show and The Royal Reception; at specific events, such as the Wooing Contest, The Garter Ceremony, The Royal Recognition of Artisans and Performers, and others; or found on the grounds or in shops serenading guests and shopkeepers.

Other Performances

The Court Reveler Carolers can also be hired to sing at corporate, community, or private events. During the Christmas season, they can change from Renaissance singers to Victorian carolers or contemporary black tie performers to regale your guests with songs of the season. Generally these performances are done by a quartet or octet of the group.

For more detailed information, please contact us with details of your event. Thank you.